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Connecting offchain history to onchain assets
Each NFT is the center of on-chain & offchain events, connected by verbs.
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There is 1 billion times more data generated offchain than onchain.

also true

There's not enough blockspace to move it on-chain.

We can, however, connect this wealth of offchain data to on-chain IDs.

With Atomic Sign, every NFT is like its own genesis block.

what you’ll get
Check out some of the top features you’ll enjoy with Atomic Sign
Link offchain data to any NFT
Add context, history, or any relevant data to an NFT
Data you can trust
Ability to add multiple cryptographic signatures
Proof of Exhibition
Increase the value of an NFT by appending its exhibition history

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Artist Name
Artist Name
Artist Name
What chains are supported?
We currently support Ethereum Mainnet, but our approach is compatible with all blockchains. We plan on adding Solana and Ethereum L2 support next.
Are these attestations stored onchain?
There are many different schools of thought here. Some are adamant that attestations must be onchain (i.e. Bitcoin inscriptions) while others provide flexibility (EAS allows inscriptions, IPFS, and offchain).

At Atomic Form, we feel the best approach is a combination of IPFS and Arweave. IPFS allows for decentralized routing and unique identifiction (through its CID hash). Arweave allows for time stamping and stronger assurances around semi-permanent storage. Together, you get the best of both worlds, and at a much lower cost than inscriptions. You also remove any smart contract dependancies by simply pointing these records at the NFT serial number.
How does the Chrome extension enhance the security of my NFTs?
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What does Atomic Scan offer in terms of NFT security?
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Is Atomic Scan compatible with different wallets?
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