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Level Up Your NFT Security with Atomic Scan.
Don't gamble with your investments. When it comes to NFTs, security is key.
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Check out some of the top features you’ll enjoy with Atomic Scan™
Bulk Scanning Capabilities
Connect your wallet and rate your entire collection simultaneously
Rating while you browse
Install the Atomic Scan Chrome extension and rate NFTs as you browse OpenSea
The fastest gateway to NFT metadata
Atomic Scan makes accessing, copying, and sharing NFT metadata simple.
Can I rate my NFTs while browsing OpenSea?
Yes! We designed the browser extension with this use case in mind. When you are on an individual NFT page, Atomic Scan will surface the overall score right on the extension favicon. Click the extension, and you will see the full breakdown.
How does the Bulk Scanning feature work?
This feature was built for power users with hundreds (or thousands!) of NFTs in mind. Here, you must login so that we can get your public key. We then run a batch process in the background until you have a full report, which you can view from your account.
How does the Chrome extension enhance the security of my NFTs?
Most NFT customers have no clue where their NFTs are stored, much less how to make that determination! Atomic Scan makes it trivial to assess risk factors (such as storage location) in seconds as well as educate users about these important differences.
What does Atomic Scan offer in terms of NFT security?
We don't touch your NFTs in any way. We are currently only providing risk assessment for your NFTs. Future versions may offer means to protect or remediate at-risk NFTs.
Is Atomic Scan compatible with different blockchains?
We currently support Ethereum Mainnet and Solana. We will expand to other chains based on user demand.
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