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Atomic Form empowers digital creators, collectors, and curators with a suite of solutions ranging from gallery-quality NFT displays to provenance obsessed software.
THE GATEWAY Miami 2023, by Matthew Ligotti
Our Present

Our early market presence allowed us to experiment and grow with the industry, rapidly becoming the artists and galleries choice for NFT display software and management. Our displays have been a mainstay at major auction houses (Christie’s and Sotheby’s) and have been used for permanent Crypto Punk installations around the world.

Our Future

Our focus now is an obsession around NFT provenance.Just like NFTs represent a historical unlock of digital-native property rights, we believe there is massive value creation and capture inconnecting offchain history to onchain NFTs. To that end, our software products center around this thesis.

Our Team

Rick Manelius


Hayden Cifrino

Product Support Specialist

Saima Malik

Growth Marketer

Lance Seidman

Backend Engineer

Will Johnson

Full-stack Engineer

Katherine Forbes

Executive Assitant

Daniela Del Valle

Product Designer

Santiago Janse

Front-end Engineer

Melissa Kapnick

Chief of Staff

Mariano Rozanski

Technical Product Manager
Our investors
They are visionary collaborators and advocates for the groundbreaking work we are pioneering.
From industry leaders to forward-thinking firms, our investor network is a testament to the caliber of our mission and the confidence in our potential.

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