How to: Submit a Proof of Exhibition Entry to Atomic Sign
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Atomic Sign


Navigate to:


Connect Your Wallet

a. Click ‘CONNECT’ in the upper right-hand corner

b. Click ‘CONNECT WALLET’ on the following page

c. Select which wallet you would like to connect with and follow the wallet’s instructions on-screen (MetaMask is preferred for optimal compatibility)


Create an AF Account

(skip this step if your wallet is already associated with an AF account)
a. If you do not already have an AF account, you will be prompted to create one

b. Click ‘Create an Account’

c. Enter a username

d. Click ‘SIGNUP’

e. You are now logged in, and the ‘CONNECT’ button will now say ‘PROFILE’


Select the NFT

a. Enter the NFT’s contract address and token ID into the empty fields
i. OR enter the URL of the NFT from etherscan, Blur, or Opensea

b. Click ‘SUBMIT’

c. You will now be presented with a summary of the NFT and its metadata


Enter PoE Form Details

a. In the bottom left-hand corner, select ‘PROOF OF EXHIBITION’ under ‘MINT METADATA’

b. Enter the details of the exhibition as labeled
i. Start Date: The opening day of the exhibition
ii. End Date: The final day of the exhibition
iii. Exhibition Name: The title of the exhibition
iv. Exhibition Location: The gallery, museum, or event where the exhibition took place
v. Owner Wallet: The wallet where the NFT currently resides
vi. Exhibition Wallet: The wallet of the exhibitor (optional, see below)
vii. Exhibition Details: A summary of the exhibition
viii. External Link: Any external link associated with the exhibition that you would like to include

c. Decide whether or not to require a countersignature for this entry i. This option will add the requirement of a countersignature from the exhibitor’s wallet before the entry is verified.


Review Entry & Sign


b. You will be presented with a summary of the metadata to be linked to the NFT. Verify it is correct and click ‘SIGN MESSAGE TO MINT’

c. Follow your wallet’s prompts to sign the message

d. The page will reload, and a confirmation message will appear in the bottom right-hand corner

e. You can now review the entry by expanding the Proof of Exhibition entries on the NFT’s summary page


Add Countersignature

a. If a countersignature is required, its status will appear as pending after the entry is minted

b. The exhibitor will follow the initial steps above to log into AF using the exhibitor wallet

c. After logging in, click the notifications button in the upper right-hand corner

d. A list of pending metadata mints will be displayed. Click the three dots menu button to the right of the entry you would like to countersign and select ‘View countersign offer in App’

e. Once you have verified the information, click ‘SIGN MESSAGE TO MINT’

f. Follow your wallet’s prompts to sign the message

g. You’re done! The entry will now appear under ‘MINT HISTORY’
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